October 6, 2022 - Iskraemeco team

Iskraemeco is expanding its offering with eMobility solution

Iskraemeco is expanding its offering with eMobility solutions through the acquisition of GL Charge company.

Considering that transportation consumes up to 30% of all available energy, electric mobility is becoming a required solution for sustainable transportation. Numerous businesses are attempting to help in their own ways, but services and infrastructural solutions are now in short supply.

In designing our solution, we have collaborated with both:

  • the end-users, who need to drive and charge their electric vehicles and
  • the energy providers as well as municipalities, who are attempting to ensure that the infrastructure will be ready without causing the electrical grid and supporting services to collapse.

With our comprehensive eMobility strategy, we are laying the foundation to be able to offer the most advanced products, technology, and services in the e-mobility market. We are bringing our extensive metering experience to the market to provide a unique charging experience.

GL Charge

GL Charge’s mission is to contribute to a more sustainable future by making e-mobility accessible to everyone, everywhere. Therefore, they have developed innovative and reliable electric vehicles charging solutions, ultimately facilitating the transition of their customers to a sustainable future.

GL Charge has created unique smart charging stations intended for electric vehicles using cutting-edge technology and is currently offering a diverse selection of home charging stations, community charging stations and public charging stations. In addition, GL Charge offers a complete back-end solution for the management of charging stations and, most importantly, charging stations with an integrated payment system to make charging “gas station easy.”

GL Charge and Iskraemeco have joined forces to make e-mobility more user-friendly and flexible, while simultaneously maintaining the electrical grid and infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner. As Matevž Grabar, CEO of GL Charge said: Let’s us work together on a path to a greener future. Learn more about GL Charge: http://glcharge.com/en/

eMobility and Grid

The electric grid is the largest mechanical entity in the civilized world, and it will not be able to withstand increasing energy demand unless we take decisive actions. A large percentage of the rising demands will be based on eMobility, and it is forcing grid operators to rethink their strategies for reliably distributing energy to their customers. Having worked with utilities and grid operators for 76 years, we understand their needs and challenges.

The most important responsibility of a grid operator is to manage the grid and reliably distribute energy to its customers. Grid operators are looking into the possibilities to upgrade their secondary substations to monitor the grid in detail. In this way, they can enable secure and reliable energy distribution and act very quickly, if some disturbances appear in the grid. This is a challenging task due to the energy transition and the congestion arising on the electricity network. Smart meters, installed at consumer level, provide additional information for managing the grid.

One of the proposed ways to achieve this goal is to provide a standardized gateway in each digitized secondary substation that can be connected to various digitization functions in a specific substation. Grid operators would like to have the ability and flexibility to remotely add or update functionalities to the gateway in the future to meet new challenges in the energy transition.

The widespread implementation of eMobility charging stations across Europe is one of significant challenges of the energy transition due to the increasing demand for electricity resulting from the growing popularity of electric vehicles. Consumers want to have the opportunity to charge anytime and anywhere. With the digitization of the secondary substations and the data provided by smart meters customers have all the tools in hand to monitor the grid and take action when and if needed.